Messages from His Holiness, Pope Francis

Last 13 January 2017, Ambassador Delia Domingo-Albert, honorary member of WomenBiz, was one of the 50 invitees of the Vatican and the Global Foundation of Australia to participate in the discussion on how to achieve the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.  She was a panelist on Goal Number 5 “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls” where she presented the Philippines performance on the subject. She made reference to Womenbiz projects and activities in Filipina CEOs Circle, the Business Professional Women (BPW) and the achievements of Diwata:  Women in Resource Development, among others.

Here is one of the messages from his Holiness , Pope Francis during the event:

The Church remains ever hopeful, for she is conscious of the immense potential of the human mind whenever it lets itself be helped and guided by God, and of the good will present in so many people, small and great, poor and rich, businessmen and labourers alike.  For this reason, I encourage you to draw constant inspiration from the Church’s social teaching as you continue your efforts to promote a cooperative globalization, working with civil society, governments, international bodies, academic and scientific communities, and all other interested parties.  I offer you my cordial good wishes for every success in your endeavours.


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